Chapter 3. Marketing with printed material

A. Plan your material around your strategy

1. Find a professional to help you.

2. Choose graphics that are relevant to the persona you developed above.

3. Put your head line below your picture.

4. Create good captions! People read captions four times more than the body of text.

5. If your language is read left to right, don’t break the left margin (people need a place to anchor).

6. Choose images with story appeal that are generally not stock photos.

a) Photos must be of good quality.

b) Photos should not be historical shots.

c) Photos should focus on one item (abstain from crowd shots).

B. Plan your distribution around your strategy

1. Find out where your target persona is in your regions.

2. Take time to create relationships in these micro communities.

3. Research what the best way to get your printed material used (mail? hand delivery?).

4. Ask for help within your own community of friends to promote usage.

5. Don’t forget the simple things (hand out cards at church or community events).