Unit 05 – Social Media

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.          Introduction to Marketing and Social Media

A.         Strategy

B.         Introduction story

C.         Definitions

Chapter 2.          Stories and other content

A.         What makes a great story?

B.         You must create good content

C.         Practice this right now and write a short story, good content

Chapter 3.          Marketing with printed material

A.         Plan your material around your strategy

B.         Plan your distribution around your strategy

Chapter 4.          Facebook Pages

A.         Introduction

B.         Create a page

C.         Add content to the page

D.         Update your page

Chapter 5.          Facebook groups

A.         The power of social media groups

B.         Create a Facebook group

Chapter 6.          Google images

A.         Select Google images for free use

Chapter 7.          Acknowledgement

A.         Mobile Ministry forum26