Chapter 3. Website Testing / Audit

A. When do we audit a website?

1. We check your website prior to public launch.

2. We look at them again approximately every six months.

3. We also spot check your website at random intervals.

B. What do we audit for?

1. We look at the overall website design to be sure it is acceptable (within cultural norms).

2. We check that distinct fonts display correctly.

3. We assure the website menu displays and functions correctly.

4. We check that all published pages function as expected.

a) Pages without content or with functional problems should be unpublished until finished or fixed.

5. We check that all media items have titles in all Navigation Languages.

6. We check that all media items on published pages function correctly.

7. We confirm that the contact information is completely provided.

8. We test all internal links and external links to be sure they still function correctly.

9. We check that the interface translations have been completed.

10. We check that the feedback form functions correctly.

11. We check that the pictures are sensitive.

12. We test the YouTube video links and similar items to be sure they still work correctly.

13. If there are other special pages, we test them as well.

C. What is the minimum for website launch?

1. The Publication language pages must be complete or unpublished.

2. The Navigation language pages must be complete or unpublished.

3. All media must be labeled in every language.

4. All media must work.

5. There should be no blank pages.

6. Copyright permissions must be in place.

7. Contact and copyright information must be complete and correct.

D. Who makes the final approvals?

1. Website Manager

2. Digital Publishing Manager

3. Digital Publishing Coordinator (DPC), Digital Publishing Facilitator (DPF), or equivalent

4. Copyright Coordinator

5. Director of Client Services

E. How good does the website need to be for a launch?

3. This is how it looks today, but it is never really done