Chapter 2. Steps to launching a Website

A. What is the process?

1. Our websites develop in six “phases”.

2. Our goal is to get each website to Phase 6 as quickly as possible, allowing for the reality of the schedule of the Website Manager and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

B. This is a list of the phases.

Phase 1 - Client engagement

Phase 2 - Website planning

Phase 3 - Website construction

Phase 4 - Copyright approval

Phase 5 - Testing and approval

Phase 6 - Website live


1. Phase 1 and Phase 2 are the initial communication with a potential client and the client’s Website Manager. The Director of Client Services handles these two phases.

2. Phase 3 starts when the Director of Client Services receives the completed Website Request Form from the Website Manager. This acts as the formal request for a website. As this phase starts, the Director of Client Services assigns the website to a Digital Publishing Manager and forwards relevant information that is not already in the database. During this phase, the Website Manager will create, build, and improve the website. He will do this with the assistance of the Digital Publishing Manager.

3. Phase 4 is when the Copyright Coordinator confirms that all copyright approvals are in place. Phase 4 can occur at any time during Phase 3.

4. Phase 5 is the final quality checking (audit) before we launch the website and it becomes public. It is best for someone not connected with the website to perform this final check. “New eyes see new things.”

5. Phase 6 is the launch which occurs after final approval by the Director of Client Services, the client, and Website Manager. It is a time of rejoicing. (More information in a few minutes)

C. Phase 6 is a milestone.

1. It is one point in the growth of your website.

2. It is important to understand that your website is not done.

3. Many people say that your website is never done.

4. You are at a milestone like this one.

1. Milestone in the growth of your website

a) It is hard to see.

b) It is a bit scruffy.

c) It is hard to read.

d) But it is there.

5. Some day you will be at a milestone like this one:

2. A cleaner, brighter milestone

a) It is brighter.

b) It is cleaner.

c) It is easier to read.

d) People want to see what you have to offer.

6. Don’t worry, if you keep at it you will get to a good, clean, easy-to-use website.