Unit 04 – Milestones


Table of Contents

Chapter 1.          The website is ready

Chapter 2.          Steps to launching a Website

A.         What is the process?

B.         This is a list of the phases.

C.         Phase 6 is a milestone.

Chapter 3.          Website Testing / Audit

A.         When do we audit a website?

B.         What do we audit for?

C.         What is the minimum for website launch?

D.         Who makes the final approvals?

E.          How good does the website need to be for a launch?

Chapter 4.          Google Analytics

A.         Each website has an account.

Chapter 5.          Wildfire websites and social media

A.         Social Media is part of your entire distribution strategy.

B.         For additional information

Chapter 6.          Website and Mobile Apps life cycle

A.         Establish the Digital Publishing "ecosystem"

B.         Develop Usage

C.         Refresh the Digital Publishing Asset continually

Chapter 7.          Launch   12

A.         Now it is time12