Chapter 4. Overview screen

A. Advanced actions

1. To add more function icons to the Overview screen and chart, click on the link Show advanced actions at the right of the screen.

49. Overview screen - Show advanced actions

2. An additional button appears above the chart, and additional icons appear on the chart itself.

50. Overview screen – Advanced actions

3. Add new menu item

To structure and organize your website menu, you may find it helpful to have one or more menu items without associated pages.

One use is to group several pages into a category. The menu item (the category) doesn't need a page to explain it; it is a placeholder in the menu. You save space on the top menu level, and it looks neater and is easier for the website visitor to understand.

For example, you may have several website pages with video items. Create a menu item titled Videos, with no associated page. Then group (indent) the video pages under this menu item. (See the following images.)

51. Menu with several video pages as top-level menu items

52. Menu with video pages indented under “Videos” menu item

a) Click on the button Add new menu item.

53. Overview screen - Add new menu item

b) A row is added at the bottom of the Overview chart.

54. New row on Overview chart

c) Write a menu item title in each Navigation Language.

d) Click on the button Save website layout.

e) The menu item appears in black font and is not a link (not clickable). It is also identified in the left-hand column as Menu Item, not Page.

55. New menu item added to Overview chart

f) You may move the menu item on the Overview chart and indent other menu items under it, as desired. (To refresh your knowledge of moving menu items on the Overview chart, review Unit 02, Chapter 4, Section C.)

56. Menu item moved, pages indented under it

4. Additional function icons on the Overview chart

57. Overview screen - additional function icons

a) Click on a blue dot to unpublish a published page.

b) Click on a gray dot to publish an unpublished page.

c) Click on a trash can to delete a page.

d) On the Overview screen, each of these actions may be applied to a page in one language without affecting the page in another language.

(1) To change the published/unpublished status of a page in all Navigation Languages at the same time, open the page in editing mode, then click on the desired button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Remove the advanced icons and button from the Overview chart by clicking on the link Hide advanced actions.

58. Overview screen - Hide advanced actions



This video for the module above is taken from the Wildfire Tutorial Video series.

16 Overview Screen – Advanced Features


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