Chapter 13. Extras

Click on a section title to jump down the web-page:

A. Guest preview

B. Jump to preview of website

A. Guest preview

You may issue temporary access to a guest to preview your website before it is publicly launched - for example, to allow your director to audit the website or to allow a copyright holder to see how his material is presented on the website.

1. Open in preview mode the web page where you want the guest to first see the website.

(Note: The guest will be able to navigate among all published pages.)

177. Preview mode of first page guest will see

2. Click on the link Guest preview at the lower right of the preview screen.

3. A pop-up window opens, showing a highlighted URL.

178. Pop-up window with URL

4. As the instruction in the pop-up window indicates, press CTRL-C (Command-C on a Mac) to copy the URL.

5. Click on the button OK to close the pop-up window.

6. Write an email to the guest to invite him to preview the website.

a) In the body of the email, press CTRL-V (Command-V on a Mac) to paste the URL that you copied above.

7. The URL will allow the guest to preview the website without having to log in, as long as the current Guest key is unchanged.

8. The Guest key may be changed via the Wildfire menu.

This allows you to disable previously sent Guest keys.

a) Click on menu item Setup, then click on sub-menu item Guest key.

179. Generate a new Guest key

b) Click on the button Generate new key.

c) When this is done, any Guest preview URLs that were previously issued will no longer work.

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B. Jump to preview of website

You may quickly see a preview of your website from anywhere in the Wildfire Website Builder System.

1. Click on the three open horizontal bars at the top right of any screen.

180. Icon for shortcut menu to website preview

2. A menu will drop down from the icon, listing the published pages of your website.

181. Shortcut menu to website preview

a) Hover your cursor over a menu item to see lower-level menu items.

182. Hover to reveal lower menu levels

3. Click on a menu item to see a preview of that website page.

183. Preview of website page

a) In preview mode, you may navigate around the website using the website menu.

b) You may edit the page in view using the editing tabs immediately above the page preview.

c) You may leave the website preview and go anywhere in the Wildfire Website Builder System using the Wildfire menu at the top of the screen.



This video for the module above is taken from the Wildfire Tutorial Video series.

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