Chapter 10. Create and edit a website page with an embedded app

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A.         Introduction

B.         Start a page with an embedded app

C.         Add text content

D.         Select material for app

E.          Save or discard your work

A. Introduction

1. An app can be embedded within a frame on one of your website pages that allows your visitors to read special materials that you have created off-line.

2. What does a website visitor see on an app page?

The page contains brief instructions at the top and a large frame displaying the app contents (Scripture, dictionary, or other text).

138. Website page with Scripture app

a) Scroll up and down the document.

b) Navigate between books and chapters with the buttons at the top of the app.

c) If audio is included, a highlight bar moves through the text in sync with the audio.

3. Add embedded app pages to your website to make special materials easily readable.

4. Much of the process of creating a page with an embedded app is the same as creating a standard page. Review the process of creating a page in Unit 02, Chapter 3, Section B.

5. Text above an embedded app should introduce the website visitor to the material and how to navigate the viewer frame. Text may also be added below an embedded app.

6. Your Digital Publishing Manager will work with you to upload the required files so that the embedded app functions properly.

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​​B. Start a page with an embedded app

1. At the Overview screen, click the Add new dropdown menu, then click the appropriate type of app: Scripture App, Dictionary App, Reader App.

(All three app types are created in the same manner, so these instructions work for any of the three.  But their data files are stored in different places, so it is important to select the correct type of app.)

139. Add new Scripture/Dictionary/Reader App from Overview screen

a) The page editing screen Add new Scripture/Dictionary/Reader App opens.

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C. Add text content

1. Write a page title in each Navigation Language.

2. An App page gives the option of having text above and/or below the app viewer.

140. Options for text above and below app viewer

3. Click on one of the links titled Text above or Text below. (You may use both.)

a) The standard text editing box appears. You are already familiar with its use.

4. Write a small amount of text in each Navigation Language to explain to the website visitor how to use the app viewer.

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D. Select material for app

1. The section titled Scripture/Dictionary/Reader App settings is between the two links for Text above and Text below.

141. Language code section of Add new Scripture/Dictionary/Reader App screen

2. Fill in the code supplied by your Digital Publishing Manager for the app material.

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E. Save or discard your work

1. To make the page immediately visible, click on the button Save and publish at bottom left.

2. To save the page but not make it visible, click on the button Save as draft at bottom left.

3. To exit without saving your work, click on the button Cancel at bottom left.

a) A pop-up screen asks you to confirm if you want to stay on the page or leave the page without saving your work. Click on the button that states your choice.

4. When you save your work, you will exit the Add new Scripture/Dictionary/Reader App editing screen and see a preview of the public version of the page.

5. When you cancel your work, you will exit the Add new Scripture/Dictionary/Reader App editing screen and return to the Overview screen.



This video for the module above is taken from the Wildfire Tutorial Video series.

27 Create a Page with an Embedded Scripture/Dictionary/Reader Viewer


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