Chapter 1. Log in to Wildfire

A. Enter the domain name in your browser address field

1. Open your Internet browser (Wildfire works best with Firefox or Chrome).

2. If the website has not been launched, enter the provisional domain name provided by your Digital Publishing Manager.

3. If the website has been launched, enter the public domain name.

B. Log in to the website

1. Click on one of the links (middle or top right of page) to log in.

a) Use the credentials provided by your Digital Publishing Manager.

1. Log in to the website

2. The next screen to appear will vary, depending on the status of the website.

a) If this is your first time logging in, go to Chapter 2: Set up a new website.

b) If you are continuing to work on an existing website, skip Chapter 2 and go to a later chapter, as appropriate. See the Table of Contents (click here) for assistance in selecting the chapter.


This video for the module above is taken from the Wildfire Tutorial Video series.

09 Log In to Wildfire


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