Unit 02 – Website Construction

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.          Log in to Wildfire

A.         Enter the domain name in your browser address field

B.         Log in to the website

Chapter 2.          Set up a new website

A.         First log-in

B.         Run the Initial Setup Guide

C.         Add Navigation Languages

D.         Set default language

E.          Sort languages

F.          Choose a theme

G.         Choose a color scheme

H.         Upload distinct fonts

I.          Assign fonts

J.          Create a website name and slogan

K.         End of Initial Setup Guide

Chapter 3.          Create and edit a standard website page

A.         Introduction

B.         Add or edit new page

C.         Save or discard your work

D.         Preview of page

E.          Review your progress in creating pages

F.          Continue working on pages

G.         Advanced features of Add Standard Page

H.         Special pages

Chapter 4.          Overview screen

A.         Introduction

B.         Preview or Edit a page

C.         Setting up your website menu

D.         Add a new page

E.          Advanced features of the Overview screen

Chapter 5.          The Wildfire Menu

A.         Introduction

B.         View website

C.         Setup

D.         Work with pages

E.          Work with media

F.          Style your website

G.         Website languages

H.         Help

I.          Alternate sub-menu position

J.          Advanced features of the Wildfire menu

Chapter 6.          Add media to the Media Library

A.         Introduction

B.         Add an audio item

C.         Add a video item

D.         Add a playlist

E.          Edit a playlist

Chapter 7.          Insert media on a web page

A.         Introduction

B.         Insert a single media item on a page

C.         Insert a playlist on a page

Chapter 8.          Account administration

A.         Personal account details

B.         Log out and log in

Chapter 9.          Translate interface

A.         Introduction

B.         Translate interface screen