Chapter 9. Plan your website

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A.         An effective website starts with a plan

B.         Planning tips

C.         Now plan your website

D.         Your website is never finished

E.         Two examples of website plans

A. An effective website starts with a plan

1. As you look at more websites, your understanding of websites will grow.

2. Website visitors (web surfers) have a goal.

a) They might want to download or listen to music.

b) They may want to watch or download videos.

c) They may want to read or hear an interesting story.

3. They surf fast while they are looking for it.

4. How long will a website visitor stay?

a) A 3-minute visit is good.

b) A 10-minute visit is amazing.

c) When they come to your website, they need to connect with your content within 10 seconds, or they will go elsewhere.

5. Use your website to engage the visitor with the content they are looking for.

6. Avoid trying to impress your friends (or yourself!). In other words, simple is OKAY.

B. Planning tips

1. Label things clearly; don't make the visitor guess the meaning of anything.

2. Give the website visitor exactly what they expect to find on your website.

3. Give each page of the website a clear title that is easy to understand.

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C. Now plan your website

1. Include menu item titles, page titles, and a brief description of content.

a) It is like creating an outline of your website.

b) It is how you organize your “file cabinet”.

2. Group your content (by topic or by file type).

3. A resource could be available on more than one page (Luke video could be on Video page and Luke page)

4. Write out a page title for each media group or topical discussion. Later, we will look more at these titles, so don't worry too much about the exact wording right now.

5. Arrange pages in a logical order. This is the logic that you think your website visitors will use when they come to your website.

6. Consider including pages such as About us, Contact us, Downloads, or Apps.

7. If you have more than 6 pages, group two or more of them into a category (menu level).

8. Examples of good page titles

a) "The Way of Righteousness"

b) "Contact us"

c) "Achi Bible Reader"

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D. Your website is never finished

1. It can change – whenever you need it to change.

2. It will change – over time as your website grows.

3. It should change – people like to see new things on a website.

E. Two examples of website plans

1. These plans are from actual websites.

2. There are many ways to organize your website.

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25. Website plan – Example 1


Home page

Include a welcome and introduction to website

Videos in our language

Video about Joseph with sub-titles

Video about Joseph without sub-titles

Story of the Prophet

Music by our neighbors

Worship God

Miracles of the Prophet

Story of John

Books and writings in our language

Story of John

Story of the Prophet

Stories from the times of the prophet


26. Website plan – Example 2


This video for the module above is taken from the Wildfire Tutorial Video series.

05 Plan Your Website


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