Chapter 4. Definitions of common words

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A.         General website words

B.         Wildfire system words

A. General website words

8. Parts of a website page

1. Page: A specific section of your website that a visitor sees. A website may have many pages or just a few. Some websites have just one page that is very, very long.

2. Page title: The text at the top of a page. A website visitor will see it on the page. He will most likely see it in the address bar. He will most likely see it in the website menu. It will be noticed by search engines. It is a very important element of the website and requires thought and planning.

3. Home page: The first page that a website visitor sees. Your domain name will take them directly to this page.

4. Menu: A guide with clickable links that helps a website visitor see what is on your website and move easily from page to page. It is used for putting your pages into categories.

5. Menu item: A single piece of the menu. A link or button that identifies a page to your visitor.

6. Background image: The image that is behind the main portion of your website. In many themes, it is not allowed.

7. Banner image: The image that is across the top of each page. In many themes, it is not allowed.

B. Wildfire system words

1. Media item: An audio file or video file on your website.

9. Media items on a website page

2. Play: A link that allows you to listen to an audio file or watch a video file directly on a website.

3. Download: A link that allows you to save the file to your device for later use.

4. Publication Language: The language of the community you serve with your website. The media items you present on your website are always in the Publication Language.

5. Navigation Language: A language your visitors might read while looking for information on your website. The Publication Language is a Navigation Language, and you may have other Navigation Languages (languages of wider use in your region).

6. Screen: A specific part of the Wildfire website building system that you, the Website Manager, see as you create and edit your website. These screens are not seen by website visitors.

10. Wildfire screen

This video for the module above is taken from the Wildfire Tutorial Video series.

Definitions Of Common Words




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