Chapter 16. Security issues

A. General

1. Upon creation, all Wildfire websites are encrypted (https protocol).

2. Only those with approved credentials (username and password) can log in and make changes on a website.

3. We will never contact you and ask you to provide your log-in credentials. If you receive a communication of that nature, you may safely ignore it.

4. If you forget your password, there is a link on the log-in screen to reset it.

5. Please follow good security practices regarding your log-in credentials.

a) Choose a strong password. (Wildfire gives you feedback.)

b) Don’t share your log-in credentials with others. If you want someone else to work on your website, ask your Digital Publishing Manager to set up an account for that person.

B. Security-sensitive regions

1. Your website may be related to a part of the world where the content you are publishing is security-sensitive.

2. Wildfire offers a website template that is suitable for such regions. If this interests you, ask your workshop trainer or Digital Publishing Manager. (This should be done before you start creating your website.)

3. There is also the option to mask the location at which the website is hosted.