Chapter 15. Apps

A. Online Scripture App

1. The Scripture App presents Bible texts for your website visitors to read online.

2. In situations where the text is recorded in audio files, the app highlights the text and synchronizes it with the audio while it plays.

a) This provides a literacy tool embedded in a Scripture access tool via your website.

B. Online Dictionary App

1. The Dictionary App allows website visitors of your language community to gain quick access to their dictionaries by visiting your website in their language.

2. The Dictionary App is built based on LexiquePro or FLEX data input.

C. Online Reader App

1. The Reader App provides members of your language community access to your stories with pictures, text, and sound via your website.

D. App formats

1. Online apps for viewing on your website.

2. Android mobile apps for any Android device.

3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for viewing off-line in a web browser.

E. Chart of app options




Usable with no internet connection?

Online Scripture App

(Viewable on any device with a browser)

Online Dictionary App

(Viewable on any device with a browser)

Online Reader App

(Viewable on any device with a browser)


Android Scripture App

Android Dictionary App

Android Reader App


Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

Progessive Web App