Chapter 1. Examine several websites

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A.         Background

B.         Example websites

C.         Key features to examine

A. Background

1. When examining a website, it is best to start on the home page.

2. When building a website, you will start in the Wildfire Initial Setup Guide.

B. Example websites

Live websites with alternate domain names:

Alternate website name
(regular visitors use a different URL)

Type of materials on the website

Country with the most speakers
of this language



Hybrid website (Scripture & culture)


Scripture in music


Hybrid website


Hybrid website



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C. Key features to examine

NOTE: Reviewing these websites and their features is important. It is good to look at them even if you think you understand websites.

1. On each page there are language switcher tabs or buttons for changing from one Navigation Language to another Navigation Language.

1. Language buttons

2. This is a page with good page content.

2. Good page content

3. This page has poorer page content.

3. Poor page content


4. Compare several themes

4. Theme 1

5. Theme 2

5. Some of these websites change often. This is good. You should add content frequently.

6. If you ever have questions, you can contact your Digital Publishing Manager.

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