Unit 01 - Introduction to Websites

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.          Examine several websites

A.         Background

B.         Example websites

C.         Key features to examine

Chapter 2.          Three perspectives on a website

A.         Which viewpoint is yours?

Chapter 3.          A helpful website analogy

A.         File Cabinets

Chapter 4.          Definitions of common words

A.         General website words

B.         Wildfire system words

Chapter 5.          Prepare your computer

A.         Check computer for viruses

B.         Web browser

C.         Keyboard

Chapter 6.          Manage files on your computer

A.         Overview

B.         How do I start?

C.         Files on my computer

D.         The root Documents folder

E.          Create a folder called Website

F.          Copy sample files

G.         Paste files into the new Website folder

H.         Remove flash drive

I.          Prepare folders you may need later

Chapter 7.          You need a distribution strategy

A.         You want people to use your content

B.         What are some ways you can distribute your content?

Chapter 8.          Create your distribution strategy

A.         Who are you trying to reach?

B.         What do you want people to do when they access your content?

C.         Where do your visitors live and access your content?

D.         How will you inform others where to go to find your content?

E.          Now that you have your strategy, what do you do next?

Chapter 9.          Plan your website

A.         An effective website starts with a plan

B.         Planning tips

C.         Now plan your website

D.         Your website is never finished

E.          Two examples of website plans

Chapter 10.        The Art of Website Design

A.         “Art” has two meanings

B.         Five elements of Website Design

C.         The first element: Whitespace

D.         The second element: Balance

E.          The third element: Colors

F.          The fourth element: Images

G.         The fifth element: Fonts

H.         Animated Text and GIF

I.          Is there life “below the fold”?

J.          Is there life “above the fold”?

Chapter 11.        Files on websites

A.         Viewable website content

B.         Allowable file types and sizes

Chapter 12.        Domain Name selection

A.         A good domain name is very important

B.         What is a good domain name?

C.         Standard domain names

D.         Internationalized Domain Names

E.          Choose your domain name

Chapter 13.        Copyrights

A.         What is copyright?

B.         What is the copyright status of a product?

C.         Who is the copyright holder of a product?

D.         What items need permission from the copyright holder?

E.          What is the best way to document copyright permission?

F.          Who keeps track of the copyright permissions on your website?

G.         What kind of acknowledgments are needed?

H.         More information

Chapter 14.        Special copyright arrangements

A.         Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

B.         Jesus and Magdalena films

C.         Other organizations

Chapter 15.        Apps

A.         Online Scripture App

B.         Online Dictionary App

C.         Online Reader App

D.         App formats

E.          Chart of app options

Chapter 16.        Security issues

A.         General

B.         Security-sensitive regions  58