Prepare files for building dictionary apps

The Dictionary App Builder (DAB) can read two types of lexicon database file: LIFT and XHTML.

Lexical Interchange FormaT (LIFT)

LIFT files can be exported from any of the following SIL dictionary programs:

  • FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx)
  • WeSay
  • Lexique Pro.

In FLEx, select File ➢ Export, then choose 'Full Lexicon (LIFT)'.

DAB supports XHTML files which have been exported from FLEx. XHTML files generated from other sources are not supported.

In FLEx, select File ➢ Export, then choose 'Configured Dictionary (XHTML)'. You will also need to export a Reversal XHTML file for each index language. To do this, select File ➢ Export, then choose 'Reversal Index (XHTML)'.

Preparing images

Images should be in JPEG or PNG format.

Keep the image size small enough so that they display well on a small screen and will not make the app size too large. DAB will allow you to resize the images after you have added them to the app project.

Preparing audio

If you want to include audio files in your app, these need to be in MP3, WAV or 3GP audio format.

Keep the audio files at a size where the quality is good enough for a phone and where the file size is not too large.

* Note: The above was taking from Dictionary App Builder: Building Apps.