Prepare Paratext files for building Scripture apps

1. Open Paratext and make sure you have selected your project.

2. Click on main menu item File, then submenu item Backup Project to File.

3. The working box Backup will open.

4. Click on the button Choose.

5. Another working box will open, titled Books to Backup.

a. Make sure you select only the books which are consultant-checked and ready to publish.

b. Click the button OK.

6. You return to the working box Backup.

7. Click on the button Browse and choose the location where you want to save the backup. For convenience, we recommend that you choose Desktop as your backup location.

8. Type in Your name where indicated.

9. Click on the button OK.

10. The backup file, in .zip format, will be created and saved in the location you specified.

11. Send the backup file as an email attachment to your Digital Publishin Manager.